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The Missionary Childhood Association is a Pontifical Mission Society which serves to raise Catholic children’s awareness of the plight of children all over the world. It is specifically designed to suit children of between 6 and 13 years of age. The children are called to PRAY for, LEARN about and SHARE from their abundance or from the little they possess with other children.

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Bishop Charles de Forbin-Janson from Nancy in France, founded the Missionary Childhood Association (then known as the Holy Childhood Association) in 1843. Deeply affected by the distress of Chinese children abandoned in the streets, he was moved to found a society similar to the Society for the Propagation of the Faith but for children. He was convinced that though weak and needing care, children rich in faith and love are capable of playing their own part in the Church’s mission and even of encouraging adults to show the same generous spirit. The response to Bishop de Forbin-Janson’s appeal was extraordinary. In a few years, his theme of “Children Helping Children” spread not only throughout France, but also all over Europe, then to North America, Latin America and Asia - and in the last 40 years, to Africa.

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